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Philosophy of Teaching and Art Education


The Artist ~

I think the role of an artist can encompass many things – speaking truth, creating beauty, making places of rest, inspiring joy, speaking for the voiceless, and opening our eyes to to see in new ways the world we are so quick to brush past. Artists help us to pause and reflect, enjoy, be comforted, be encouraged, be challenged, be inspired, and sometimes, be changed.

The Teacher ~

I think the role of a teacher is both to introduce and train in new skills, as well as to help each student develop a lifelong love of learning, and a realization of their individual value, dignity, unique identity, talents, and passions. A teacher gives students a toolkit, and opportunities to use it, and then launches them into the world with confidence in their worth and abilities.

So ~

As an art teacher, my goal is to give my students delightful and varied opportunities to learn tangible skills such as seeing like an artist, hand-eye coordination, and representational rendering skills, while at the same time giving them the freedom and support to explore their interests and natural talents. As an art teacher, I don’t just instruct my students in art, I also see the art that my students are, celebrate them, and encourage them onward and forward in all they are becoming.
I see value in giving students a comprehensive experience of the arts, of various mediums, styles, periods, and methods; but I also am thrilled to help a student pursue deeply one particular medium or style that they are fascinated with.