All the Colors Arts

About Me

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area with three brothers, a fun backyard full of fruit trees, and more pets than can be counted. I attended local public and private schools, enjoyed playing sports, writing songs on the guitar, acting in plays, and spending time with friends. From an early age my engineer parents (both!) saw and encouraged my love of art, giving me opportunities to use my art in everyday projects, and making sure I had supplies to pursue my curiosity of new mediums. I have happy memories of sitting around the dining table drawing with my brothers, painting projects for school, and looking at art books from the library.

After high school I had the opportunity to teach multiple grades and multiple subjects in a small private school in Wyoming, an opportunity I engaged with energy and heart. Over those several years I found I loved working with students, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and made great friends. I continued to create art in small areas of life, in pen, pastel, paint, music, and even whiteboard marker (my students loved seeing each new drawing of the week!)

After returning to California and trying out jobs outside of education, I returned to what I had come to love, working with students in a small, private school atmosphere. I also was reminded by kind friends that I loved creating art. I started taking classes at Foothill College, eventually deciding on an Associate’s Degree in Studio Art for transfer to a four year institution. I have had the privilege of studying under wonderful artists and professors, while working with elementary and junior high students in an after-school daycare program at Los Altos Christian School, the last two years of which I directed. I also had the opportunity to lead a five-week creative camp class in East Palo Alto at Bayshore Christian Ministries where I taught art and culinary skills to EPA youth during the summer, with special guest appearances from some wonderful artist friends.

Through working in private schools for several years, I’ve discovered a love for working with children and families, a great joy in teaching via encouragement, a sensitivity to students with special needs and abilities, and a passion to help individuals to discover their personal identity, value themselves as treasures, and shine in all their unique strengths!

Fun facts:

  • I love to hike and take walks
  • Paint is my favorite medium
  • I love the beauty of diversity and learning about different cultures
  • I’d love someday to have a farmhouse with a garden and some chickens and a dog; but for now, my apartment in the Bay Area (sans chickens and dog and garden) is wonderful too
  • One of my standardized tests said I should pursue a career in fixing office machines… (?!)
  • I like Mexican food, raspberries, and peanut butter (bonus if it’s with chocolate)
  • I like all the colors, can’t pick a favorite :)